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Activegate - OneAgent setup




After reading docs, I am not sure to understand well how to setup link between oneagent and activegate.


My configuration :

- 2 GCE running activegate (done and working)
- oneagent (operator ?) on multiple GKE


For GKE, I plan to use official Helm Chart :

If I understand well steps are :

- install operator
- create a dynakube ressource (


But, I do not know how to set connection to activegate...


There is a "apiUrl" item, should I set IP/DNS of my GCE running activegate ?

If yes, how to set multiple ip/dns, should I install a Load Balancer in front on the GCE activegate ?

For information, I do not have access to the tenant account, but I do not really know what to ask to the team in charge of it.


Is there something to do to generated api url and token ?


Thx for you help


Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Hi @gnubibi ...


I assume you are using Dynatrace SaaS.

The agents automatically connect to the ActiveGates. However, you must make sure that they can establish a connection, that they can reach the ActiveGates. Please also check the prerequisites described in the documentation here.

You also need the proper token permissions - see also here in the prerequisites. You have to generate the token on the tenant. How to do that is described here. The necessary scope of the token is mentioned in the link to the prerequisites. 

Because you want to use already existing ActiveGates, you can comment out the containerized ActiveGate in the custom resource file (e.g. for the Classic Full Stack) - see documentation here.

In the API URL you specify the URL to the cluster. E.g. like this: 



Hope this helps.


Thx for you reply.

I am waiting for the apiUrl + token to try the install.

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