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Can Azure Tags for Azure Web Apps be imported to Dynatrace?


We are monitoring Azure Web Apps (Azure App Services and Azure Functions) with Dynatrace Managed.

We have enabled the Dynatrace Extensions and integrated the Azure API. As part of our Autonomous Cloud Enablement initiative, we want to use the Azure tags (applied in Azure, showing as [Azure] in Dynatrace) to organize the enviroment and route Dynatrace problems to downstream systems.

Our challenge is that Azure tags are currently only showing up in Dynatrace for the App Service Plan, App Deployment Slots and a few other Azure resources e.g. KeyVault. It does not show up for App Services and Functions.

Is it possible to have the Azure tags on App Services and App Functions (applied in the Azure subscription) be imported to Dynatrace?



Thank you @Chad T. - as per the support document, we do see the tags from the "Supporting Services" (Azure App Service Plan, Azure Function App Deployment Slot and Azure Web App Deployment Slot), however they are not showing up for the actual Azure App Services and Functions ( which run on the above mentioned "Supporting services".

Since we potentially have multiple App Services / Functions running on the Same App Service Plan, we need to distinguish via teh Azure tagging, the individually monitored App Services / Functions.

I have the exact same requirement/problem. Did you come up with a solution or hear anything around enhancements?

DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

Hi, @illana_labuscha ,

Did you find any way to solve this issue?


I think I have your exact need, but just to clarify, I'm not using Azure Supporting Services (as @ChadTurner suggested on the documentation link).

What I need is for the Azure Web Apps OneAgent extension to grab the tags associated with the App Service on which it is installed (not App Service Plan, similar to the OP).

Best regards, Pedro Deodato


I opened a support case on this a while ago and the response was.

As part of their more detailed explanation, they will begin reporting extended Azure properties with the Azure App Services extension. 
This is still currently actively being worked on by our development team.

As this is several months in the future, I'll be looking to close this case for now and open an support case closer to when this expected to release as we'll be able to provide more complete details as well as a more specific timeframe. 

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