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DB instances in dynatrace managed


We are a heavy user of azure SQLServer databases in our environments.

We observe that dynatrace is creating multiple instances for one and the same DB. 

This is apparently because the DNS resolution in azure, returns different IPs. Also apparently azure can migrate the server from one instance to another resulting in dynatrace creating more DB instances. This is making our live harder tracking DB calls, throughput, error rates .. etc as they can be in any of these DB instances in dynatrace. There should be some way of ignoring the IP when identifying a DB in azure, and the database instance should be identified only by DNS name, which is always unique.


We got the same issue with AWS RDS mult-AZ DB instances. We see more than one DB services post instance failover in AWS. Even worse, the DB service that should have been marked as inactive (if updating  is an issue) could be showing  associated with 2 DB instances (or more) if the "IP address" of the DB instance prior to failover gets re-assigned to another DB instance in AWS. 

I have opened a support ticket for this