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Difference in between Azure PaaS memory usage and DT memory usage


Hi - why the Memory usage in Azure portal is displaying different results from Dynatrace Portal within the same time frame. In Azure, the IIS App pool .Net services are consuming almost full, around 85% while in Dynatrace is <5%. What could be the reason for this difference?

Please help.


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

I believe you are talking about App Service, right? And what you are referring to, is it the "Physical memory" or "Container memory"?

Antonio Sousa

Hi Antonio-Yes, it's App Service. On Azure the service instance has very high memory consumption but on DT the memory consumption for the same service instance and IIS app pool is very less.

Where are you seeing the memory in the Dynatrace platform? In "Physical memory" or "Container memory"?

Antonio Sousa

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