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Documentation for Kubernetes cluster monitoring configuration on Google


Hello Dynatrace Community,

I want to configure the monitoring for a Kubernetes cluster running on GCP. However in Dynatrace documentation there is a documentation for Kubernetes with full observability for cloud native => Get started with full observability (cloud native full stack deployment) - Dynatrace Docs

And also there is a documentation for Cloud Platforms, Google Cloud => Set up the Dynatrace Google Cloud log and metric integration on an existing GKE cluster - Dynatrace ...

I would like to know what is the difference between these two configurations and how to decide which to use according to our needs.

Could someone please advise?



DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

I was just wondering the same. The documentation is a bit confusing. I'm having issues with not getting any logs from containers when following the first approach. Moving from classicFullStack (which gives us logs right away) to cloudnative-fullstack and suddenly there are no logs from containers.

The latter article leaves the impression you need an additional configuration to get container logs even on normal GKE (non0autopilot) clusters? If that is true then cloud-native-fullstack is a step back and it schould definitley be documented better.

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