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Dynatrace is not able to trace apache cxf SOAP calls made by AWS lambda


The AWS Lambda, written in Java, is trying to make SOAP calls by using apache-cxf(*1).  OneAgent layer is plugged in the AWS Lambda and is able to trace database calls. But it is not able to trace SOAP calls.

I understand Dynatrace is capable of tracing calls made through apache-http-client(ref: link). Is there any  alternative mechanism/setting or workaround(like wrapper) to trace SOAP calls made from lambda?

I think this question may also fall into the category of Distributed tracing. So another question could be why do we specifically need apache-http-client to make rest call? What function does it serves? and can that function be achieved through customized set up of apache-cxf.





DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Great questions @stripathi have you gotten any answers to them? Have you contacted Dynatrace Support on them?


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