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EC2 with OneAgent >> ActiveGate Instances >> Dynatrace SAAS. When does the OneAgent start sending metrics to ActiveGate Instances


Is this the right sequence for the OneAgent to be able to send metrics to Dynatrace SAAS through Environment ActiveGates.

1. Setup Environment ActiveGate Instances.

2. Configure Dynatrace SAAS with Account ID, etc for Active Gate Instances.

3. Configure Target Accounts that needs Dynatrace Monitoring

4. Install OneAgent.

What happens when OneAgent is unable to connect to any of the ActiveGates.

What happens when ActiveGates are unable to connect to SAAS.



Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Dynatrace will do round robin/auto load balancing of all of the ActiveGates in your environment, including the SaaS cluster.  So if all ActiveGates go down, as long as the agent has access to the cluster, it can communicate directly to the cluster without going through an ActiveGate.


We don't have a direct route enabled for OneAgent to talk to Dynatrace SAAS. The metrics will need to pass through the ActiveGate agents.

I want to find out when exactly OneAgent will start sending metrics (Immediately after installation?). And what happens to the metrics that OneAgent collects if ActiveGates are unavailable/not enabled?

Also, if there is some configuration on OneAgent that needs to be enabled/disabled so it can start collecting and emitting metrics.

Would be great if there were some reference links, and demo videos to refer to.

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