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Exception with OneAgent on azure java app service


We have a couple of Java app services (deployed as jars) on azure. The jar's are started via the IIS web.config file which starts java.exe as an httpPlatform process.

We have to stick to this troubled mechanism which involves manually configuring the OneAgent JVM arg as follows:

java.exe ...  -agentpath:\home\SiteExtensions\Dynatrace.Agent\\agent\lib64\oneagentloader.dll=server=https://***,tenant=***,tenanttoken=***,loglevelcon=info -Xshare:off


(where *** is our dynatrace server)


The above was all working fine albeit clunky with OneAgent extension version 1.217.X, however our new java app service has a higher OneAgent extension installed of 1.231.X, so replacing 1.217.X with 1.231.X in the above didn't work. I had to change to the below instead:

  java.exe ... -agentpath:\home\SiteExtensions\Dynatrace.Agent\\agent\bin\\windows-x86-64\oneagentloader.dll=server=https://***,tenant=***,tenanttoken=*** -Xshare:off


Since doing this we now get monitoring of our java app service BUT we're seeing these exceptions in the logs which we weren't before:

Handler dispatch failed; nested exception is java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/dynatrace/agent/introspection/http/ApacheHttpIntrospectionWrapper
at c.l.g.l.p.client.RestTemplateErrorHandler.handleError(


Can anyone suggest what I might be doing wrong? We're using Java 11 / Spring Boot 2.1.X


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@lv25804 were you able to get to a rootcause/resolution to your log exceptions? Is the issue still persistent?