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Filtering Azure API Management Logs for Ingested Tracing in Dynatrace (4xx-5xx Errors)

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I'm successfully collecting ingested traces from my Azure API Management (APIM) using Application Insights and OpenTelemetry (OTLP) integration with Dynatrace SaaS. However, I'm unable to filter the traces in Dynatrace to only include requests that resulted in 2xx success code or 4xx (client error) or 5xx (server error) HTTP response codes.


  • APIM connected to Azure Functions backends.
  • Application Insights integrated with APIM at 100% sampling rate.
  • Diagnostic settings enabled in Application Insights to forward "AppRequest" and "AppDependency" logs to Azure EventHub.
  • Custom OSS utility converts Application Insights logs to OTLP format and sends them to Dynatrace SaaS OLTP ingest endpoint.


-> Ingested traces with requests giving 4xx and 5xx errors


-> Filtering 4xx HTTP Response code requests



Desired Outcome:

I want to filter the collected traces in Dynatrace to only include requests that resulted in 4xx or 5xx error codes for further analysis and troubleshooting.

Current Challenge:

I've been unable to identify an effective method to filter based on HTTP response codes within the Dynatrace platform.


  1. Does Dynatrace offer any filtering capabilities based on HTTP response codes within the OTLP data received from Application Insights?
  2. If not, are there any alternative approaches or workaround solutions to achieve this filtering within Dynatrace?
  3. Are there specific configuration options in Application Insights or the custom OSS utility that can be utilized for this purpose?

Additional Information:


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