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OneAgent on EC2s and Dynatrace SAAS


We plan to install OneAgent on EC2s, but want to defer sending metrics to Dynatrace SAAS (i.e. no connectivity to Environment ActiveGates). Does OneAgent still collect metrics - If yes, does it just drop the metrics because it is unable to send anywhere?

Is there a way to leave the OneAgent in a stopped state, if that is a better way to handle the above scenario



Dynatrace OneAgent is designed to collect metrics from the host it is installed on and send them to the Dynatrace SaaS environment through Environment ActiveGates. If OneAgent is unable to connect to any of the ActiveGates, it will store the collected metrics locally and attempt to send them when connectivity is restored.

If you want to defer sending metrics to Dynatrace SaaS, you can configure OneAgent to not have connectivity to Environment ActiveGates. In this case, OneAgent will still collect metrics but will not be able to send them anywhere. The collected metrics will be stored locally until connectivity is restored or until the local storage limit is reached.

If you prefer to leave OneAgent in a stopped state, you can do so by stopping the OneAgent service on the host. This will prevent OneAgent from collecting any metrics or sending them to Dynatrace SaaS. However, please note that stopping OneAgent will also prevent it from providing any monitoring or alerting capabilities.

I hope this information helps you understand how OneAgent handles metric collection and sending in the scenario you described.

Dynatrace Certified


Thank you so much! are these points called out in the documentation as well?


This looks to be a better solution - Customize OneAgent installation on Linux - Dynatrace Docs

Yes, that's a good direction, but I don't know if it will definitely work with EC2. Need to check.

Have a nice day!

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