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Tagging ECS containers


We have AWS ECS containers and tags placed via AWS are not making thru the AWS Integration and we were told we need to place a tag at the environment level, according to the Dynatrace documentation it is either DT_TAGS or DT_CUSTOM_PROP. Neither of them worked where we could apply them at the Container level, however DT_TAGS or DT_CUSTOM_PROP worked at the process level.

If anyone able to apply tags at the container level can you share the steps?




DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

so DT tags supply environment tags, where the DT Custom Prop adds custom metadata to the entity where you could then leverage auto tag rules to populate the data as desired in a tag. But the two options don't apply to containers I believe. You can create a manual tag and use the entity selector for an auto tag. That was a limitation we ran into containers and clusters when it came to auto tagging and providing the custom metadata. 


Thank you @ChadTurner - I don't think it is practical for us to do manual tagging as we are expecting few hundred containers to be deployed once we go live. We use tags heavily for alerting purpose and without that the right teams would get the alerts in time for taking action on. May be this might be another question on how folks do alerting?

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