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Unable to see NodeJS traces from nginx:alpine container running on AWS Fargate


Hey All!

Ive been trying to set up a container running on the latest nginx:alpine image on AWS Fargate (ECS) that runs a NodeJS (compiled typescript) using a startup shell script. The ECS task we have set up does:
1. Install the OneAgent on the host container with supplied ENV Variables needed to make a connection
2. Set up private SSL certs on the host for business purposes
3. Launch main host (ngnix:alpine)
4. Launch log forwarding sidecar to forward logs to dynatrace.

Ive been able to get the OneAgent running correctly for the nginx process on the main host, and i am able to see nginx process, host, and forwarded logs within the dynatrace UI, so everything is smooth sailing there.

The main issue im encountering is that i cannot see anything related to the NodeJS script run on the Host dashboard or in the Services dashboard. I can see that the script successfully runs within the container, since it logs its predicted output in the dynatrace logs for the container itself, but i can't see the NodeJS proccess or any traces for the script itself. I have tried several different methods of the OpenTelemetry implementation in the script, but i just cant seem to get it to work!

Any help would be appreciated! I am willing to provide any further details that i can in order to help resolve this issue. I am truly at my wits end!


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@mriente were you able to resolve this issue?



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