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What should we do to use Lambda Layer to install oneagent node modules?



Our customer have more than 200 Lambda functions they want to monitor by Dynatrace.

It is time consuming to upload the same OneAgent nodejs module more than 200 times, so it would be very helpful if we could use Lambda Layer.

I confirmed the following forum answer, but @Michal N. said just moving the node_modules into a Lambda Layer would not work.

What should we do to use Lambda Layer?

Best Regards,

Natsumi Tanaka


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

This is a very good question. I'd recommend reaching out to Dynatrace Support as a customer is waiting on a solution for this. They should be able to provide you with the best method for this.


Hi Chad, thank you for your comment. I will contact Dynatrace Support via product chat.

Community Team
Community Team

Hello @ntanaka,

Dynatrace provides you now with a dedicated AWS Lambda layer that contains the Dynatrace OneAgent extension for AWS Lambda. You can read more about it in this documentation article:

Deploy OneAgent as AWS Lambda extension 

Hope that helps!

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