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COVID-19 Banding together as a community


Hi all,

I've reached out to a few people individually, but wanted to check in on everyone.

It's unprecedented times, and for many maybe you aren't thinking about your apps, but maybe your families. I hope Dynatrace has been able to help you ease the work, free up time, reduce stress.

What can we do to help further? Are people in the community doing anything different that others could learn from? Are their stories in the community, or lessons that people can share?

  • Dashboards for internal app usage for a workforce that is now accessing from home.
  • SaaS RUM / Browser Agent to understand employee app experiences
  • Remote war rooms?
  • DevOps stories during remote work?
  • DynatraceOne or Dynatrace Services - any advice, support, or help?

Would love your feedback. And if we should organize a webinar/fireside chat to brainstorm solutions should you feel it could help.

SVP Corporate Marketing


Community Team
Community Team

Thank you @David A. so much for this post!

Yesterday @Domenico B. posted a very interesting RFE about how new features for Dynatrace Mobile App could help during COVID-19 emergency. Take a look:

RFE: Dynatrace Mobile app - Custom chart and basic KPI dashboarding to survive to Covid-19 emergency

If you have any questions about the Forum, you can contact me at