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Frequent error when attempting to post a question on the forum

Not sure why, but I have been running into this a lot lately when I attempt to post a question in the forum here. I have tried cache clears, going incognito, logging in and out, you name it.

Any one else running into this?


Figures... It let me post this 🙂 Now if it would just let me post my actual question lol.

Narrowed it down to what it does not seem to like through some trial and error. It's if I try to add the tag "Dynatrace Managed" is when it bombs. Not sure why.


After going into edit mode about 3 different times, it at long last took it.

Hello @Larry R.,

Thank you for noticing this and informing us! We are aware of this issue (unfortunately, it also includes the creation of Product Ideas and Articles and there is no clear pattern when and why this happens) and already submitted a bug to our forum engine provider and are in contact with them about this. They are working on resolving this bug, but we don't have a timeline for a fix yet.

Sorry for all the inconvenience, we hope that it won't take long.

If you have any questions about the Forum, you can contact me at

Good morning! No problem at all - Happy to help.


Ran into the same issue a couple of times, couldn't make out a pattern to when it happens though.

From the end user perspective it looks like as some session stickyness goes wrong - your request is probably redirected to a webserver which does not know your session. ( URL does have /csrfAttackDetected.html in case when the issue happens)

hi Julius, does this still happen to you? Seems to be resolved by our forum platform vendor.

Keep calm and build Community!

Hi @Karolina L.,
I think it happened to me earlier last week. I will reach to you if I encounter the issue again.


Confirmed got the same issue. Just retry again a few times and it seems to work.