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Getting signed out constantly

DynaMight Mentor
DynaMight Mentor


Is anyone else suffering from having to constantly re-login? Even though I click "remember me", it's no longer than maybe 30 minutes until another login is required. This appears to affect the support portal as well, and I think this has changed after the new community launch. Just now I was writing a long response to a support ticket, and suddenly was directed to the login page. I entered my credentials, and guess did I come back to the message I was writing? No, it had disappeared into thin air and with no draft functionality there, I had to start typing from the beginning. It's super frustrating. I suppose from now on I'll have to write everything locally on a notepad first, then log on and quickly post a response before I'm thrown out again.



Hi, @kalle_lahtinen I'm sorry to hear that you have such an unpleasant experience. 

Just to be sure about drafts - could you confirm that you have access to the drafts on your profile page on the right side? Usually, all drafts must be saved there.

We'll take a closer look at the constant re-login experience and will keep you updated. 

Thank you for your patience while we keep improving the Dynatrace Community!



The drafts for work perfectly! The draft functionality is missing only for the Support Portal at, which of course is a completely different platform built on Jira. Maybe that's a bit off-topic in relation to the community discussion, but I mentioned it because according to my experience so far, it looks like these are using the same SSO and thus are both affected by this issue. The impact of suddenly getting signed out is bigger for the Support Portal, due to the lack of drafts there.

Community Team
Community Team

Hi Kalle, 


There was an SSO issue in the beginning of March (not related to the new Community launch), and we suspect this may have something to do with the issue you described.

As Laima mentioned, we'll take that issue to our SSO team to investigate further and keep you posted.




Keep calm and build Community!

Thanks for the update! 🙂

DynaMight Mentor
DynaMight Mentor

Just got thrown out again in the middle of typing a message. I was directed to a 400 bad request page, with a link to get "back on the right track". When I clicked the link, I got to this page:


Body: Bad Message 431
reason: Request Header Fields Too Large

Hi Kalle,


Sorry for the issues you are facing. We identified the issue and fixed it. The fix will be deployed to production on April 13th, 2021.



Well that's great news, thanks Gerald! 🙂