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Merge multiple Dynatrace community account


Hello Team,

Can we merge our past dynatrace community account?

If one person may have switched multiple organization how that person can maintain his dynatrace community profile or account.




Community Team
Community Team

Hi Ramesh,

If you're changing a company, you need to have a Community account with the new email address.

Here’s what we can do:

1) We can delete the access to the Community for
any past email address that you want.

2) We can certainly move any
Dynatrace University grades/video viewing history from old accounts to the new

3) We are able to transfer your forum reputation points from the old to the new account and all your awards (High Five award, Member of the Month, Community Rock Star).

The general policy is that we do not support personal email addresses. Community rights
are strictly linked with customer or partner accounts.

The best option would be to update your email address to the one you’ll
get at the new organization. All your history will be saved, and you will still
be able to open support tickets, if the company is our existing customer or
partner, or it’s Dynatrace 🙂

BTW – in case of any further changes, you can either open a License
Management ticket or contact

For requests of transferring forum reputation points and/or awards, please contact me directly:

Keep calm and build Community!

Hello Karolina,

Perfect. I got the answer & next action to perform. Thanks 🙂