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RFE: Don't let user leave post when there is an existing comment being made


I have experienced this for a third time, and when it happens, one does get a little frustrated...

It happened to me a few minutes ago: I was doing a rather long comment, and I hit the Back button (not in the UI, but on the keyboard, when focused outside the comment box), and lost the rather big comment I had. Clicking forward goes back to the page, but of course without the comments.

In some sites, if we are contributing something on a page, and try to go away, we receive a notification that we will loose the information on the page. Probably something similar here might be beneficial.

Antonio Sousa

Community Team
Community Team

Hello @Antonio S.,

We've enabled today the Autosave feature for the posting. So every time when you are writing something and then go back to the previous site (or just go somewhere else), the post will be automatically saved. When you will go back to the same topic, you will get the message with a question, if you want to load the comment you were working on previously.

So this isn't exactly what you were asking for, but probably this should be even better 🙂

If you notice something wrong with this (or any other) feature - please let us know.

If you have any questions about the Forum, you can contact me at

Yayyy! That's sweet!



Hi Maciej,

WOW! Thanks for implementing it so fast! I already experienced it today. Looks great! Now, I don't have to edit all my replies in a Text Editor any more 🙂

Antonio Sousa