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Rockstar Of Support Engineer

DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

I have an idea (not sure if this is the right place to put it, but I couldn't find any more suitable place anyway), we already have award that recognize the exceptional community member (Hall of Fame, member of the month, DynaMight etc) and also exceptional Dynatrace stuff. (Rockstart, employee of the month)


But I feel like employee of the month award only goes to people active in this group or forums, I think support engineer also play a huge role in Dynatrace's success but they might not be entitle to this award (I suppose they don't have time to browse around the forum)


Honestly, more and more I can see that whenever support-ticket get raised, there're some support engineers who handle the tickets very well and some that are.......well, not so well. (Not sure if others here can agree with me, there used to be a time where the quality of support engineers doesn't differ much, but now recently that isn't the case anymore)


I think we really need to recognize the good work of those support engineers that are doing their work professionally. Why don't we give them a shout-out or award? 🙂 


Best Regards,

Wai Keat


Community Team
Community Team

Hello @waikeat_chan,


That's an amazing idea! 👏 Unfortunately, as a Community team, we have no insights into our Support Engineers work and how it's perceived by customers ☹️ You feedback, however, can help a lot!


What we do for employees that are not that visible in the Community - we give a shout-out in our internal Community newsletter 🙂 We recognize people who work behind the scenes or Product Managers doing an outstanding job with product ideas (PMs are excluded from the Employee Member of the Month award).


We will be more than grateful to hear your nominations! :tada:

Keep calm and build Community!