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Translate APM documentation to SPANISH


We looking for the 5 process descriptions and all related to APM first steps


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Hi Robert

Right now there is no translation into Spanish. I am also not aware that anything is planned but I forwarding this request to our documentation team



Dear Gentlemen,

Sadly right now we don't plan to translate the documentation into Spanish, but similar to all other RFEs if we see this request getting more and more traction in the community, we will certainly consider it.


best wishes, Werner  


oki doki!

we trying translate from google but some terms seems  innusual!


this is by far what we have translate from these 5 process:

1.Performance Measurement - Monitoreo (Medicion del Rendimiento)

The ability to measure application performance from the end-user’s perspective across the entire application delivery chain - Medir el rendimiento de un Servicio desde la perspectiva del usuario final a traves de toda la cadena de entrega del servicio

2.Problem Resolution - (Solución de Problemas)

The ability to identify, isolate fault domain, determine root cause and resolve application performance problems -
 Identificar, aislar fallas, determinar la causa raiz y resolver los problemas de rendimiento de una aplicacion

3.Performance Improvement - (Mejoras de Performance)

The ability to continuously identify, prioritize, implement and measure the results of application improvement opportunities - Identificar, priorizar, implementar y medir continuamente los resultados de las oportunidades de mejoras en el servicio

4.Production Readiness (Pre-producción)

The ability to ensure user experience can scale with load prior to launching new applications or deploying infrastructure changes - Habilidad de asegurar que la experiencia del usuario puede escalar el mismo nivel de carga que conlleva nuevas versiones de aplicaciones o cambios de infraestructura


5.Performance Reporting (Reportes de Rendimiento)

The ability to provide role-specific insight using common metrics, enabling superior business-oriented IT decision-making - Proporcionar a cada funcion una visión especifica utilizando métricas comunes, que hacen posible que la toma de decisiones se re-oriente a los negocios superiores


Any help we be appreciated