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What's the difference between Dynatrace, Appmon and DCRUM?



Hi Vanessa, all of them provide you the ability to improve digital experiences with unparalleled digital intelligence analytics. That said, there are differences in focus and the best fit in your organisation. If you scroll to the bottom of this page, you can see the focus of each offering. And if you require further help in what might be the best fit for you - let us know here! 🙂

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hello Vanessa,

Short answer of your question is:

  • Dynatrace is a SaaS/Managed solution which is agent based
  • AppMon is an on-premises solution which is also an agent based
  • DCRUM is an agent less solution

For better understanding, Just review the following links:



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

While a simple response wouldn't do this question justice, i can give you a high level breakdown that i think will assist you.

Dynatrace: Dynatrace is our latest and main platform entry. it comes in two variants based on the customer environment, SAAS or managed. in short, a Oneagent piece of software is installed across all your hosts and a full breadth of DPM metrics are presented via a web broswer application. For more information on the Dynatrace Platform please refer to the documentation here

Now the other two product lines are referred to as power modules, while a majority of their functionality is available within the Dynatrace platform in some form or another. Both are viable offerings on thier own.

App Mon: Dynatrace App mon and uem provides code level views of your application across a range of different technology stacks. App Mon agents collect all transactions in whats known as a purepath. Purepaths are then filtered and organized based on business specific needs (also known as a business transaction). User experience is captured via a UEM javascript tag that provides direct information on how users traverse your application. App mon presents in data in a variety of ways from a thick client to a web based dashboard soultion. For Dynatrace App mon documentation please refer to here

DCRUM: Dynatrace DCRUM (Data Center Real User Monitoring) is a solution that provides overall datacenter and application health with emphasis on the Network performance of your application and Data center. Performance metrics are fed into the DCRUM envrionment and application and service definitions are defined for your environment within the DCRUM CAS server. For Dynatrace DCRUM documentation please refer to here.

Now as i said earlier this question is quite large in scope and the answer could easily be several pages long. If you are in need of assistance in terms of gauging what is best for you or your customer environment i strongly recommend you reach out to our dynatrace team. We have the experts who can review your needs and provide input on what solution could be best for your needs. Also for in-depth education on all the product lines above id recommend you check out the Dynatrace university. I hope this helps.

Thanks All. Nathan That's exactly what I was looking for. My company currently uses DCRUM and APPMON. was mostly interested in what Dynatrace had to offer because what I've seen so far seems to be DCRUM and APPMON combined. You've helped clarify thanks


To differentiate DCRUM from other NPM (Network Performance Monitoring) tools...DCRUM focuses on the application transaction (layers 5-7 on the OSI model), where an NPM tool is going to focus on the individual packets of data traversing the network (layers 1-4 on the OSI model). Where DCRUM is going to provide data regarding application transaction performance between tiers, the NPM tool is going to provide data regarding the network performance between nodes. This might seem like a small difference to the consumer of the data, however, the data storage mechanisms between the two different tool sets are drastically different. For example, an NPM is nothing more than a power network sniffer, and all data is captured between two nodes regardless of protocol. Whereas DCRUM only stores the specific conversations between nodes per the tool settings. One way to think about NPM tool focuses on the packets...and DCRUM focus on a group of packets that make up an application transaction. Where DCRUM will show you where a transaction was slow between two tiers, an NPM tool will tell you what in the network was causing the slowness. The application focus is why DCRUM is essential to any APM / DPM practice.