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Community Team
Community Team

When you post a question and apply tags to it, you can use the Ask button on the question page to direct the question to experts in the subject matter of the tag.

Note: The Ask an Expert feature is only available for questions you have posted, not for other people's questions. For more information about Ask an Expert, see the Forum User Guide topic How do I ask an expert to answer my question.

Identify your areas of expertise

To make your Dynatrace and Community IQ known so other users can reach out to you with questions in your areas of expertise, add tags to your Preferences page:

  1. To display your Preferences page, click your user icon and select My Preferences.
  2. Select the Expertise settings tab.
  3. Type each tag in the Manually added tags field. As you type, a drop-down list displays tags that begin with the string you've typed. Click to select a tag and add it to the field. You can add tags from any forum, but you can only add tags that already exist. The tags are automatically saved in your Preferences.

Be recognized as an expert

Expertise tags may also be added to your profile in these ways:

  • If three or more of your answers to questions with a given tag are selected as Best Answer within 30 days, that tag is automatically added to your Expertise Settings.
  • A Forum administrator can add tags to your expertise profile based on your contributions.

Remove expertise tags

You can remove any expertise tag from your Preferences at any time.

Go to the Expertise settings tab as described above.

To remove a tag you've added to the Manually added tags field, click the X on the tag. To remove a tag that was added for you, click remove from my skills for that tag.