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Community Team
Community Team


It’s the world largest community of digital performance experts: Dynatrace customers, partners, prospects, and employees. You can find here the questions about the product, requests for enhancements, news, tips and tricks, and most importantly: a lot of incredible people.

For Dynatrace SaaS users, it’s created automatically with a Dynatrace account. For Dynatrace Managed users, a separate invitation to the Community is sent with a registration link. Just set up your password and join the conversation!

Click the “Sign in” button at and provide your credentials.

Check THIS TOPIC and ask for the deletion of the account. We will do this for you.

In the top right corner, you see a user icon. Click it and choose Profile. There, you see a temporary avatar. Click “upload picture” and choose an image you wish to represent you.

Every user is registered with his real name and we want to protect your privacy! Thank to this, you can be sure that your identity in the forum is secured.

The Dynatrace Community team: Maciej, Laima, and Karolina. You can contact us, if you have any question or feedback about the Dynatrace forums.


There is a search bar at the top of the screen. Type anything you’d like to look for. Use this function often - thanks to this, you won’t repeat the same question or post a duplicate of the product idea that already exists.

If you follow only some of the tags and topics in the forum, the forum home page can be personalized to your needs. Just press the “All posts” button and choose the way the content will be showed to you.


  • Describe the issue you are trying to resolve.
  • List the steps to reproduce the issue.
  • Describe the things you’ve done to try to fix the issue.
  • Describe the environment – such things as operating system or the product version may be significant.Never provide your Dynatrace environment ID!
  • Don’t disclose any personal information, such as your e-mail or phone number.

Pictures, gifs, code, videos, files, tables, links – almost everything that could help us understand your issue and answer your question. Remember that each attachment can weight max. 50 MB and you can attach up to 10 files.

Yes! On the right, you can see the “Ask an Expert” button. Use it to send the notification to the expert of the topic you are interested in. Also, you can use @ function to ask a specific user in the forum to respond.

An answer has to directly answer the main question. If you just want to add something more, ask about details of the answer or just say “thank you”, use comments.

If you think that an answer in your topic is exactly what you needed for your issue, choose it as the best answer. It will be highlighted by the green background. Then every user that searches for this issue will immediately know how to fix it.

You can still leave the question open if you want, for example, to hear the opinion of other users about this specific issue. Maybe they will provide you with an alternative solution? But if you think that there is nothing more to add – go ahead and close the question.

Product Ideas

The Dynatrace Product Ideas forum is a place to go.

  • Describe your business need.
  • Explain benefits that would result from the enhancement.
  • If you currently use any workaround, describe it.
  • Don’t let the Product Management team guess what you need. Detailed product idea descriptions usually result in faster responses and help other Community members understand your use case. The latter can result in more votes!

In this article you can find an explanation for each status.

It depends on many things: how complicated it is, what are the Dynatrace plans and priorities at the moment, what are the risks, how many customers will benefit from it. Sometimes Product Managers can tell you the ETA, but in most cases, it’s hard to come up with a precise timeline.

Thanks to your votes, we know which ideas are most needed right now. Voting makes the RFE more visible and thanks to this, we can react faster to it.

Add comments to make your feedback more prominent.


Everyone when creating a post! Tag your question and product idea, so it will be categorized in a proper way in the forum. Forum moderators can edit the tags.

Thanks to tags, the experts can find your question or product idea quicker and they can react faster to it. Remember – not everyone follows everything in the forum. Thanks to proper tags, you notify the experts on the topic that you’re seeking an answer to.

There is no rule, but it’s usually better to use less than more. If you are precise with your tags, you don’t waste the time of tag experts that aren’t connected to your topic and have more chance to get to the people that will help you.

Use either of these tags when the question or RFE relates ONLY to the specific deployment of the product – the Dynatrace Managed or just Dynatrace Saas.

Be precise. If the question is strictly about Real User Monitoring - just tag it “RUM” and this will be enough. Remember that you want to reach out only to the topic experts – you don’t have to make noise for everyone else.

Community Connect

It’s our get-together forum where you can read all the things about our Community: news, updates, challenges, awards, community guides, webinars, and more! Follow it if you want to be up to date with what’s going on in the Dynatrace Community.

It’s a place where you can start your adventure with the Dynatrace forums and say hello to other Community members 🙂

It’s an article published on a monthly basis with a wrap-up of the most important Community topics, questions, and statistics.


Reputation points are a gamification feature of the Dynatrace Forum. They help to reflect your engagement in the Community and are the base for the Community leaderboard. You can also give some of your points to others as a reward! Did someone answer your question quickly and to-the-point? Reward him or her!

Every two weeks, the Dynatrace Community team challenges you with a new contest. You can win various prizes: reputation points, a voucher to spend in the Dynatrace Store or even a one-on-one meeting with one of our Product Managers. Every challenge is different, so look for them and try to win the award!

Every month, we say that special “thank you” to one of our users that was particularly active in the current month. It also comes with our Member of the Month Award: $50 to spend in our store, 100 reputation points, a certificate, and a dedicated article (with an interview!) in the forum.

You can meet many Dynatrace employees in the forum, helping our customers and listening to their feedback. We value their participation too, that’s why we came up with the Employee Member of the Month Award. The winner gets $50 to spend in the Dynatrace Store, 100 reputation points, and a dedicated article in the forum, in a form of an interview.

Badges are the symbols of your various activities in the forum. If you have a popular product idea – you will get a badge for that. If you answer correctly many questions – you will also get a badge for that. And so on. You can view all your badges on your profile page.

Email notifications

You can get e-mail notifications on the topics, forums, and tags that are interesting to you. Click the user icon in the upper-right corner and choose “My preferences”. Then go to “Notifications”. Here you can set up what kind of emails you will get and how often.