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Community Team
Community Team

Use tags to find related questions

Tags identify posts by product component, function, and concept, making it easy to find related questions and ideas. To see a list of all topic tags used anywhere in the Forum, click the Explore icon and select Tags.

In the Tags List page, tags are listed by default from most often used to least. You can also view them in alphabetical order. Click a topic tag to see a list of all posts with that tag.

On a forum home page, all the tags used in that forum and any child forums are listed in the Forum Tags area of the right sidebar. For example, if you click All Forums in the right column and select Dynatrace, the Forum Tags list displays tags from the child Dynatrace Open Q&A and Dynatrace Product Ideas forums.

The tags applied to a question or idea are displayed at the bottom of the question/idea. Click a tag from the Forum Tags list to see a list of posts with that tag; the tag is highlighted. Click the tag again to remove the filter.

Tag your post

When you compose a question or idea, the available tags are displayed below the Tags field. Click a tag or type it in the field to add it to your post.

When you add tags to a question, the Related Questions section in the right sidebar lists other questions that have the same tags.