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Community Team
Community Team

The Dynatrace Community Forum is a question and answer site with many features that are all designed to get you the right answers to your questions quickly and accurately.

To get the most out of your forum experience, we encourage you to follow these 8 important guidelines when asking and responding to questions:

  1. Select the right forum for your question.
    To get your question seen and promptly answered by the right Dynatrace experts, make sure to put it in the right forum.
  2. Add forum tags to your questions.
    Help other forum users find your question by adding forum tags that categorize the question by technology or feature. Note that many users follow the tags of their interest, so assigning the right tag significantly increases a chance to get the answer quickly.
  3. Accept the Best Answer.
    To help forum users quickly identify the right answer to a question, accept the correct answer to your question. This makes it appear first in the list of responses and is highlighted with a green background.
  4. Answer or comment? Choose the right response.
    When you are ready to provide a correct answer to a question, use the "Your answer" field at the bottom of the post. If you're requesting more information, however, or clarifying the question and providing insight about the issue, post a comment.
  5. Keep sensitive data private.
    Never provide your Dynatrace environment ID, emails, phone numbers, authentication keys, tokens, or the names of your co-workers. If you must share sensitive data, contact Dynatrace specialists via chat or open a support ticket.
  6. There are no dumb questions.
    Everyone used to be a Dynatrace newbie. Every forum contribution, no matter how big or small, help us build a Community that is a valuable place for all Dynatrace users.
  7. Don't spam.
    No one likes spam messages. Posts not relevant to Dynatrace, especially those advertising other products or websites, will be deleted and the authors of such posts can be banned without any notice.
  8. Be yourself!
    In the Dynatrace forums, we are all equal and value the friendly atmosphere. A good sense of humor is more than welcome!

The detailed Terms and Conditions of Use are available in the Dynatrace Trust Center.