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Community Team
Community Team

Dear Dynatrace Community,


Another 12 months have passed, and we can proudly say 2021 was a true milestone.


🏆 We kicked the year off by winning the CMX Community Industry Award in the Product & Ideation category.

🛠 We completed the forum migration to a new, top-of-the-top community platform.

👫 We further grew the Community team!

:dynatrace: We launched the first super user program for our most engaged Community members.


Moreover, although there are already many questions with solutions and product ideas submitted, you continue to innovate with Dynatrace, monitoring more and more new technologies and checking where the limits are. Thanks to your engagement and curiosity, there were:

  • 1,659 new questions asked with over 5,000 replies posted.
  • 1,962 new product ideas submitted with over 4,000 comments.

But most importantly, we welcomed almost 4,500 new Community members👋


We’re happy to be a part of your Dynatrace journey and looking forward to all the great things we’d like to reveal next year!


We wish you a fantastic, safe, and healthy 2022! :tada: May all your New Year’s resolutions come true.

We're also sharing the best wishes from our DynaMights! It was a real team effort over Zoom 🙂



Your Dynatrace Community Team

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hello @Karolina_Linda 


Happy New Year! :tada:

Also, to all our great community members!




Community Team
Community Team

Happy New Year! 🎉😊
May the DynaForce be with you all! 

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Happy New Year to all !!!



Happy New Year, and let's all hope that 2022 is NOT 2020 too 🙂 


Cheers!!! 🎉 :dynaspin: