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Community Team
Community Team

Your contributions make Dynatrace Community the world’s largest dynamic resource for digital
performance. Here you educate, inspire, and share experience with other
Dynatrace users. Here your insights drive product enhancements. There are no
silly questions – every question adds to that great knowledge base.

To show how much we value your
activity, feedback, and ideas,
we are happy to announce new Community Recognition Programs going live
this April!

Get into the game, become famous, and win some cool prizes!

Reputation points

Your Reputation is
a numeric score based on your participation in the Forums. You earn points and increase
your Reputation by these contributions:

  • Asking a question: 10 points
  • Having your answer accepted as the Best Answer: 20
  • Accepting someone’s answer as the Best Answer: 5
  • Receiving a vote/like: 5 points
  • Giving a vote/like: 1 point
  • Receiving the High Five award: 50 points
  • Becoming a Member of the Month: 100 points
  • Becoming a Rock Star: 200 points

You may also be awarded points directly by other members, through
Reward user link
below a post. Read
How do I earn reputation points for
to learn more.


The Reputation Leaderboard shows
Community user ranking based on the reputation points they’ve got over the last
week, two weeks, current month, and quarter to date.

You can also view the “all time” ranking that shows users listed based
on their overall reputation scores.

The Leaderboard helps to select awardees of all Community award types,
so don’t put contributing to the Community off and
join the discussions right away!

Employee Member of the Month

When interviewing Member of the Month awardees, we often hear that the
best thing about the Dynatrace Community is the Dynatrace team actively
participating in the forums. Therefore, in addition to our well-known Member of
the Month award for customers and partners, we’re going to recognize the most
active Dynatrace expert every month!

The details of all Community
recognition programs, including the updates to the existing ones, are described
in the
Community Recognition Programs article.

Stay tuned for the updates!