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Community Team
Community Team

You can use the search feature in several ways.

Global search available in all Support Center resources from the navigation bar

Click the magnifying glass icon to go the the page. While typing in the search box, you will see a list of auto-suggested search results. Press Enter to go to see the full search results page.

Refine your search results

Use filters on the left to choose the product and asset type. Sort the results by relevance or the modification date, depending on your needs.

Forum search

The forum search field at the top of the page finds results in all Dynatrace forums. The results may include questions, ideas, articles, topic tags, and member names. As you type a search string in the search field at the top of the page, a drop-down list displays the most relevant results that contain the string.

The results include all items in which the string occurs at the beginning of a word or name. If none of the listed results is what you're looking for, select Search: "searchterm" to do a more thorough search.

Refine your search with operators

By default, when you use several search terms, the search finds all posts that contain at least one of the search terms. For example, if you search for agent server, the results include all posts that contain agent even if they don't contain server and all posts that contain server even if they don't contain agent.

You can refine the search by using operators for your search terms:

  • To restrict results to posts that contain all your search terms (in any order and not necessarily together), type each term preceded by a plus sign ( + ). For example, if your search terms are +agent +server, the search results could include a post that contains Web server agent and a post that contains agent and server. The results would exclude any post that contains agent but not server, or vice versa.
  • To exclude posts that contain a specified term, type the term preceded by a hyphen ( - ). For example, to find all posts that contain agent except for posts that also contain server, search for agent -server.
  • To search for a phrase, not the individual words, enclose the search string in quotes ( " ). For example, searching for "java agent" (in quotes) finds only the posts that contain that phrase. Without the quotes, the search results could include results that contain one term but not both, or the terms separated by other words.
  • To restrict the results to posts that have a specific tag, include the tag, enclosed in square brackets, in your search terms. You must use other search terms with the [tag]. For example, if you search for server [migration], the search results will include only posts that are tagged with migration and contain server in the text.

Filter your search results

The results page includes a set of fields to further refine your search.

You can filter the results by:

  • Posted - Time-range filters from Past hour through Past year, or a Custom filter for which you can select the earliest and latest dates.
  • Authored by - A Forum member's display name. As you type, a filtered list displays the names that contain the string so you can select the correct name from the list.
  • With tags - The tags applied to the post. The results are filtered to display only the posts that have all the specified tags.
  • Of types - By default, the search results include Questions, Ideas, and Articles. Click a type to exclude it from the results. The following figure shows Ideas and Articles excluded from results.
  • Forum - The product forum where you expect to find the information.

Click Submit below the Refine Your Search fields to display the filtered results.

Documentation search

Use the search box in the Dynatrace Help to look for topics directly in the documentation.

Product search

Look for answers directly from the product search. Auto-suggestions also include your monitoring environment entities, such as hosts, processes, and services.