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Community Team
Community Team

2. Community highlights - August 2023.png




Welcome back, Community friends! 🌞




🆕 Dynatrace Community updates


‌ We can't imagine a single month without a new launch. This time, we'd like to present the dedicated space for the Dynatrace Managed topics! Read our introduction article about this new forum and explore the content that's already there.


The Community Survey 2023 is closed! Next step is sharing the results and planning actions for the future. Stay tuned! 


In June we've welcomed the second Community Legend user in the history of our forum. Meet better @Julius_Loman, whom surely you know anyway because of his legendary engagement at the Community!


 Make sure to check out the second edition of Developer Newsletter 📰


🔥 July's hottest discussions



Community topics



easyTravel Documentation and Download 1,252


Dynatrace associate exam preparation 761


Dynatrace Associate certification mock exam 609


Moving Dynatrace configuration between installations 410


Introducing Monaco 2.0 – Dynatrace Configuration as Code 375


Take the Gamer Challenge! ‌‌ 357


HTTP status codes 970-979 281


What does Network IO time mean? 245


Feedback channel for the new opt-in OneAgent and DB services’ pages - v1.2... 242


Dynatrace technology support roadmap 236



💡 July's product idea updates


Since May 2023, product idea updates are being published in the dedicated Product Idea News! At the beginning of every month, expect a new summary published in the Feedback Channel forum. Explore the latest edition📰


Product Idea Newsletter Thumbnail - Option 2.png




👀 Must-see threads


Content you can't miss:


👉 Automation - must-read content 

👉 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for APM and Observability 2023 is out 

👉 Services Delivery Certification - Observability learning materials 

😉  What does the Logs say - Parody



Tips and tricks:


Troubleshooting articles:


👉 How to tab out of a field in a Browser Clickpath Monitor

👉 Unable to see Jboss connection pool in the Dynatrace Host view

👉 How to calculate disk space requirements for oneagent upgrades

👉VA scan shows missing httpOnly flag in dtcookie vulnerability 

👉HTTP Monitors: How to sign a request for AWS Signature Version 4 

Heads-up from Dynatrace:

👉 Browser Monitors run on public locations failed for a period of time on 3rd/ 4th July 2023 (Resolved...

👉 Memory leak in Node.js OneAgent 1.269

👉 Dynatrace CVE status (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures)


Share your feedback:


🗣 Make K8s metadata (labels, annotations, ...) a first-class citizen 


🔝 July's top contributors


3. Top users - August 2023.png




We're glad our Community is full of helpful and engaged people! Thank you: 

@Slawa@radek_jasinski@Kenny_Gillette@Iplinsky@Lwl@torerikh, and @Juwei_Zhang1!


Additional shout-out to those whose names we see on this list for the first time!


👏  Additional round of applause


🌟 @dannemca for being “sick” with Dynatrace (as a DynaMight should be!) and gifting us this amazing gem!

🌟 @Akos for coming back to take part in the second Community Challenge, as well as @ricuevas , @marina_pollehn, @Lwl, @javalosa, and @Diego_Teran for being our first time challengers!


🏆 Members of the Month


4. MOMs - August 2023.png


Make sure to read the latest interviews with our extraordinarily engaged Community member and Dynatracer of the Month! Get to know them better either from a professional or after-hours perspective! 😎


🔎 The June challenge overview


We knew this topic would make people go wild 🙈 However, we haven't expected THAT big of engagement! Seems like in terms of favorites, computer games are what people can talk about endlessly... Let's explore the main details of the latest Gamer Challenge.


The "Gamer" badgeThe "Gamer" badge


🌟 Absolutely record 41 answers submitted so far!

🌟 Latest and classical games

🌟 Dozens of titles you're surely familiar with!



Share your favorite games in the Gamer Challenge, it's not over yet!


🗓 Events and webinars in August - save the date!



📅 Tuesday, August 8, 2023

👉 Dynatrace South Florida Lunch and Learn


📅 Wednesday, August 9, 2023

👉 Observability Clinic: What is Dynatrace (...)


📅 Thursday, August 10, 2023

👉 Get to Know Dynatrace Demo


📅 Thursday, August 17, 2023

👉 Dynatrace Dallas Lunch and Learn


📅 Wednesday, August 30, 2023

👉 Dynatrace INNOVATE | LATAM


📅 Wednesday, August 30, 2023

👉 Dynatrace INNOVATE | LATAM (Português)


📅 Thursday, August 31, 2023

👉 Get to Know Dynatrace Demo



🔜 What's to look forward to?


👉  New Community Challenge - August 16, 2023

Amazing engagement to our latest "Gamer Challenge" sets the bar really high. We'll try to catch your attention once again next week, when the newest edition of our monthly Community Challenges will be published. Stay tuned!


👉  Office hours for Dynatrace App development

The Dynatrace AppEngine and Apps offer a vast range of possibilities for unleashing the power of your data. And we want you to feel comfortable learning how to use that power. Join us in our next office hours, where you can find Dynatrace App experts ready to help you with your apps.


👉 Community Redesign 2.0

Last year's Dynatrace Community Redesign isn't the end of the journey. We're preparing the second round of updates together with our precious interns who have joined us for the Summertime. Expect even more consistent layout of the Community features and some freshness around various forums!



Thanks for being with us! Enjoy the holiday season! 🏖


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