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Community Team
Community Team


We're eager for you to learn more about our Dynatrace Employee Member of the Month for January 2022, Gerald Haydtner! :star_struck:

@ghaydtner - Senior Digital Marketing Manager - helped during the migration of our Community platform, recommended strategies to increase our visibility and is still assisting our Community today to bring our content to the next level. 🔝

I had a chance to meet with our SEO Magician, and discuss not only Dynatrace but also SEO, our IoT “UFO”, the magic of body movement, and dancing.



If you would like to read the article with Gerald from January 2022 and leave some Kudos and comments 😉 feel free to visit the page below



DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

From Valsa to street dance, so eclectic!!!

Happy to see this becoming a series! Can't wait to watch the next one.

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

@dannemca, yes it really brings a new dimension to all Community members. Before we can all meet again in the real world, maybe next Perform...

Community Team
Community Team

It's awesome to hear and see our Community Members "live"! 🙂

Thank you, Gerald, for sharing your story and showing a bit about your interests and passions :tada: