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Community Team
Community Team

The Product Management team reviews product ideas to determine whether they can be included in a future release. The factors they consider include the number of votes for an idea, the development effort they would require, and the benefits and risks of making the product change.

Vote on ideas

Follow the ideas forums and vote on the ideas you want to see realized. Your votes help us focus our resources where we can deliver the most value. Whether it’s simply a suggestion to add a new menu item or a recommendation to address your use case, we’ll do our best to evaluate and incorporate your ideas and suggestions into our continual Dynatrace improvement efforts.

Remember to vote only for ideas that you would actually use - this helps us to invest our resources wisely and make a real difference to how effective you are with Dynatrace.

To vote for an idea, click the Vote button. This button is available in the All Posts list and on each idea's page. The number on the left side of the button shows how many votes the idea has received.

Track idea status

Color-coded labels show an idea's status. The status label is updated as the idea progresses through review and development. If everything is going according to the plan, this is how the RFE is transforming into the product:


Artboard 1.png


If there are any stops along the way, you will see one of these statuses:


Artboard 2.png


In the All Posts list, the status label is displayed next to the idea title. Click a label to display a list of all ideas with that status.