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Community Team
Community Team

Welcome to the Dynatrace Community!  

Thank you for becoming a part of our Community. This is where you’ll find all the answers you are looking for about Dynatrace and much, much more. Vote for the best ideas, talk with other experts about User Monitoring, suggest new features for Dashboards, share best practices and tips and tricks, participate in challenges, give feedback about newest features, and most importantly – have fun! 

Here are some useful tips on how to start your adventure with the biggest Software Intelligence Community in the world. 


Check out the Community User Guide and FAQ 

Here you can learn all the basics about the Dynatrace CommunityBe sure to check the Community Guidelines and six tipon how to make your stay here as enjoyable as possible.  

If you have more specific question about some forum functionality, check out the FAQWe dive into more details there about how our forum features work. 

If you don’t find an answer in the forums, have no fear. Just go to the Community discussions, ask the question about the forum, and one of our Moderators will answer it as quickly as possible. 


Community FAQCommunity FAQ


Set up your profile and avatar 

Become recognizable to everyone from the start! Choose the picture you want and upload it. 

Also, remember to adjust your profile settings to your own needs. Be sure to check notification options so you never miss interesting content. If you want, you can set up there a personalized signature, which will appear under your every posts in the forum. 


User profileUser profile


Browse the forums 

There are thousands of questions, ideas, and other types of content in our Community. It can be a little bit overwhelming at the start, but there are lotof options to help you search and navigate through the forum.  

Just start by typing what you are looking for in the search bar at the top of the page and press Enter to get all the content you want. 

In the top menu, you can see the structure of the Community with four main categories: Open Q&A, Product Ideas, Extensions, and Community Hub. In each section, there are many subforums on more specific topics, like Synthetic Monitoring or REST API, so you can quickly find the knowledge you need all in one place and with no hassle. 


Community structure and subforumsCommunity structure and subforums


Reply to questions and create your own content 

When you want to comment or ask some additional things on any topic, it’s as easy as clicking the “Reply” button.   

For when you want to ask your own question or maybe create a product idea, there’s a “Ask a question/Suggest an idea” button on every page. Click it to go to the Post Content page and create a new topic for everyone to see and comment onRemember to put it in the right subforum, and be sure to choose labels that describe the topic so you and other users in the forum will be able to find it quickly. 


When you see that someone has answered your question from end to endchoose it as the best answer! By doing so, you not only show appreciation to the user who helped you, but you also help other Community members to quickly see how to approach the issue. 

Reply to a topicReply to a topic


Vote, like, follow 

When you find the answer or knowledge you are looking forremember to show your gratitude by clicking the “Thumbs up” button. 

The same principle goes for Product Ideas. If you think someone's idea makes perfect sense, and you would like to see it in a future release, click the “Vote” button so we know what our users are looking for. 

And remember to follow labels and topics that are particularly interesting to you. Then youll be notified about relevant new content and you won’t miss anything.  


Kudo a postKudo a post


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A newcomer. Great to see you all in Dynatrace Community!!