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Community Team
Community Team

Welcome to the brand new Dynatrace Community experience!  

As you’ve already noticed, we moved our forums to a new platform. Thanks to this change, we can provide you better overall experience, better performance, and new featuresHere are some of the new functionalities we made available to you from day one. 


New user settings and notifications 

Our new platform provides you with many new personalization options and features. Use them to make the experience with the forums truly yours, according to your needs and preferences. For details, check out this article 

Getting new notifications about the content in the forums is also easier than ever. You can subscribe to any type of topic, subforum, or label that you want. You can choose what type of email will you receive and, if you prefer, you will also get the notifications in the forum itself. Just click the bell icon next to your avatar in the upper-right corner of the screen. 


New forum structure 

Also, with the new platform, we’ve introduced new forum structure. You can now find the content of your interest in the quickest and most convenient way possible. Through the top navigation, you can go to our new subforums – check them out to see which would it make sense for you to follow. For details, check out this article. 



The new community platform offers you more ways to share knowledge and create more meaningful content. Thats why we’ve created the Tips and Tricks subforum, where you can write a tutorial article for other Dynatrace users and earn some Bonus Points that will boost your User Rank. As a Super User, you will be able to get some additional forum functionalities, such as limited moderation privileges or access to private messaging. 


Advanced search 

The new forum search engine has a lot of additional functionalities. Thanks to the new options, youre able to look for the forum content more efficiently and filter iin many ways. For details, check out this article. 


Ranks and gamification 

Next to each username, youre now able to see another new addition to the forum: User Rank. The purpose of this new gamification option is to immediately show how much each user is engaged in the Community. Thanks to this, you know from the start if the answer to your question is from an experienced member of the Community or from someone who is been here just couple of days.  

Other new gamification options includnew leaderboards, now created for each subforumand new badges that you will be able to get by participating in the Community challenges. 


There is much more to come! We will announce new features and changes regularly in the upcoming months. If you have any suggestions or comments about new features, please let us know in the comments.