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Community Team
Community Team

My profile 

To check all the information about your profile in the Dynatrace Forumsjust click your avatar in the top right of the screen and choose My profile from the dropdown menu.  


User profile pageUser profile page


Besides your avatar, you’ll see your forum statistics, such as: 

  • Registration date 
  • Number of posts and solutions 
  • Kudos given and received 
  • Link to page, that will show all the posts and replies, that you've given kudos to
  • Your badges 

(You can see all this information for other Community memberstoo, so if you are interested in knowing a little more about someone in the forum, start with a peek at their profile page.) 

To update your avatar picture, click it 

Check our FAQ for more information


In Recent Activity, you can quickly find your latest posts, comments, questions, articles, ideas, and followed labels. You can also check Recent notifications to see who has recently given you likes or bonus reputation points, which badges you’ve received, and your rank. 


Activity feed in user profileActivity feed in user profile


At the bottom, you can find even more information and stats about your profile in the Private Stats section. You can check, for example, how much time you spend in our Community. 


My settings 

If you want to change your settings for the forum, click your avatar picture on the top right and choose My settings from the dropdown menu. 


My settingsMy settings

Here you can change: 

  • Personal settings 
  • Preferences 
  • Avatars 
  • Tagging settings 
  • Macros that you want to use in the forum 
  • Subscription and notification settings 

Use these settings to make your viewing experience best for you.  

The most important part of My settings is the Preferences submenu, where you can change things like language preference, text size, menu behavior, message order, and privacy settings. 

Check our FAQ for more information