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Dynatrace treats kubernetes service endpoint IPs as unmonitored hosts


I've deployed the Dynatrace OneAgent operator to a few kubernetes clusters and connected each cluster (via Settings > Cloud and Virtualization > Kubernetes). After restarting workloads the applications and nodes are starting to show up in Dynatrace. However, I'm seeing a lot of transactions end in "Requests to unmonitored hosts". Looking at these requests, most of them appear to be pod to pod calls inside kubernetes via services.

For example, I have a go application running that doesn't seem to register any requests, but it's service endpoint IP is in the unmonitored host list. Request topology looks like this:

AWS NLB -> AWS NLB Target Group -> NodePort Service -> nginx Ingress pod -> service -> application pod


Is this a misconfiguration on my end or is this a limitation with the current kubernetes support?



DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro


We are also facing the same problem. Is there any chance we see an update to correctly handle Kubernetes service calls?

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