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Selective agent version deploy in kuberbetes


Hi all,


we have our dynatrace server with agent automatic updates disabled and a fixed version for new Hosts:




In our cr.yaml in kubernetes we fix the one agent version with version (autoUpdate have the default value):




Now I want to update the One Agent version for the kuberbetes nodes to the version "".


¿What are the exact steps to do this (dynatrace side and kubernetes side??


Note: Changing the version in cr.yaml and applying or delete + apply the configuration in kubernetes side doesn't work, the one agents remains in version With apply nothing happens and with delete + apply the new downloaded agent is still in version


10:18:29 Started agent deployment as a container, PID 3862845.
10:18:29 Downloading agent to /tmp/ via
10:18:57 Download complete
10:18:57 Downloaded version:
10:18:57 Verifying agent installer signature
10:18:58 Verification successful
10:19:00 Checking root privileges...


Regards! Josep Maria


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

With the Oneagent Operator, all you need to do is set your current standard version as shown in the screen shot you provided. Once that is set to the desired version, the Dynatrace Oneagent Operator will poll that value ever 5 - 15 mins and will then begin to upgrade your AKS monitored Nodes. Additionally, all new deployments will get the version that you have now set as standard.