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Use Dynatrace to get ports in AWS EKS?


Can I use Dynatrace API (or metrics/data/dashboards) to extract the most commonly used ports in my EKS? I tried to use the new dynatrace view and that confused the hell out of me. I tried to look for ports in the data/metrics explorer but I don't see anything for ports. I also looked through the APIs (Configuration API & Environment API 1.0 and 2.o) but I don't see anything that makes it obvious or easy to understand how I can get these data out of Dynatrace. 
Has anyone done something like this? Is this even possible via Dynatrace? 
I have Dynatrace incorporated into my EKS and all of my cluster data are coming into Dynatrace (classic Kubernetes app as well as the new Kubernetes app in Dynatrace), 


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