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dynatrace-oneagent container resource utilization

What is the normal cpu or memory utilization for dynatrace-oneagent container?

To avoid impacting applications running on the same host, we'd like to set quota regarding container resource utilization




We also found a behavior that after installing one agent as a docker container , one agent container is consuming a lot CPU, is there a recommended way to allocate the cpu to one agent container so that it wont use all the host resources.

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Ram: If your OneAgent is consuming an inappropriate amount of CPU, I would open a support case. This should not be the case. Be sure to specify what the level of CPU is being consumed AND how you determined those values.

Michael: Can you clarify what you mean by "Container"? Do you mean 'Container' as in Docker? Are you asking about how much CPU/Memory is consumed by the background processes that are part of OneAgent, or are you asking about the resources consumed within an injected process, such as Java, .NEt, Node.js, etc.?