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oneagent/activegate pod's resources limit


Hi, Everyone,

Hope you are doing well.

im wondering is there a way or formula that i could calcaulate how much resources i should give to oneagent pod to avoid waste or Insufficiency of the computing Resources, as well as expense, if the k8s cluster is deploying on the cloud?


i have check the doc and the dynakube.yaml, it didnt mention it very specifically.



the resource section in the dynakube.yaml.
# Optional: Adds resource settings for OneAgent container
# Consumption of the OneAgent heavily depends on the workload to monitor
# The values should be adjusted according to the workload
# oneAgentResources:
# requests:
# cpu: 100m
# memory: 512Mi
# limits:
# cpu: 300m
# memory: 1.5Gi

and the secound question is what would happens if the OneAgent/activegate pod doesnt have enough computing resources?


im apprecaited if anyone know these.

thanks in advance,