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Access to Preset Dashboard generated by Extensions

DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

Hello Community,

I have a question regarding the Preset Dashboards generated by the Extensions.

I have enabled 2 extensions:

SQL Oracle Overview
SQL Server Overview


Both extensions generate 2 Preset Dashboards, These 2 Dashboards are accessible by everyone but with no data (Because some of users have access to only a specific MZ).


So what is the best way to grant access to this kind of Dashboards for specific user/group/MZ..


Thanks for your time and help.

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DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

so the dashboard is available to all users since it is set as a preset. You could remove that preset flag and provide the dashboard to the users who need it. Or you can create a group and add the MZ needed for that extension to the users who need it. You can also give everyone read access and they will see everything. 


You cannot change the configuration for the auto-generated Dashboards.

And creating management zone (This is what I did right now) is a lot boring because you need to set a huge number of rules.

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Thats new, and I see we cant even do it from the API nor from the Settings page to disable all presets, the dashboards still exists with the preset classification... Sounds like a great RFE