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Anyone Dynatrace Users in the Forum has any workaround for these features available in AppMon but not in Dynatrace?

DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

Hi fellow community member, the features are:

1. PurePath export (thankfully, we now already have user session export)

2. Streaming of Business Transaction Data.

3. Custom Threshold Alerting of Business Transaction. (Tried to achieve the same thing in Dynatrace using Key-Request feature, but I couldn't.)

4. Chart export as pdf (I can now see that in Demo Environment that we can export as xls, svg and csv)

5. Dashboard export as pdf

It is very easy to persuade customer that technical-wise, those inability are the small sacrifice to pay, to get to a huge benefit (cloud and log monitoring, A.I etc...). But operation-wise, sometimes the senior management or business executive might already get used to these, and thus, present to us that, these are the roadblocks for migration from AppMon to Dynatrace (although they know the inevitable would comes anyway.)


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

I know that the dashboard pdf is in the works. Dynatrace has made strides with Dashboard subscriptions so keep any eye out in the next coming months for new features.


Hello Chad. Where did you read the PDF capability is under work? I see a lot of threads on the forums but It seems they are not planning to do that

I have heard it as an internal discussion, in the context of sending the dashboard subscriptions notification with a PDF Version of the dashboard. Granted, i don't know when this feature will show up, for now you can always do a screen capture and save it as a PDF, while this is not ideal, it is a work around. You can also submit a RFE to ensure that this PDF Concern is voiced for the developers.