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Apply filtering to dashboards by computational consumption

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A need arose where I couldn't find a filter option for displaying in a dashboard (Dynatrace Managed).

It is necessary to display the hostname of the hosts that had cpu/memory consumption above 80% in the selected timeframe. It would be necessary to perform a kind of "query" based on usage and this was not found in the tool, we know that the dashboards list from the highest consumption to the lowest or the opposite, but we want a view that "discards" hosts that consume below 80% in dashboard display.

In request attributes it is also not possible because this demand is not a service layer.


Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor


The only option I can think of is to use a chart filter to set a minimum threshold for the Y axis. This will allow you to pin a chart to a dashboard that only shows the hosts that go above that particular value - as seen in the screenshots below.

However, there is not a way to show this data in a different chart type (such as Top List only showing >80%), and if you drill into the chart, the table of data will still include all entities regardless of if they are within the chart thresholds or not. 




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Hi @ryan_ott !

Thanks for the feedback, unfortunately the customer's need is a list containing only the cut edge hosts.

Again thanks for your feedback!

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