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Chart response time of services which are splitted by hostgoup

Would there be a way to filter data on custom chart that I could pick all the sevices which have the "lorem-ipsum-dolor-sit-amet" part on their name?

We have same services running on multiple different environments which are spitted by host group. Even tho I need the data to be splitted there would also be need to show the data from all of these environments on the same chart,

But the default Service tile and the custom chart response time also don't have possibility to use any wild cards that I could filter out all services which contains "lorem-ipsum-dolor-sit-amet".

Now I need to specify and choose just one of those.

I tried to play around with the current filter but could not find any way to show the services which contain some string in their name. The only way that came to my mind was to make some tagging rule but if possible would like to avoid make any tags just to cover this kind of reporting needs.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

If you are using host groupings, I would recommend creating an automatic tagging rule that applies to all hosts, processes, and services that will tag the entity with the host group name. This will then allow you to filter out by host grouping. Unfortunately, you cannot have Host group A and Host group B on the same chart. You might be able to do that with the Multi Dimensional Analysis chart but you will not be able to pin it to the dashboard.


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

I'd suggest trying the Diagnostic Tools/Multidimensional charting which allows substring filter by service.

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