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Copy Dashboard from one Dynatrace Cluster to another


We have a PreProd Dynatrace Cluster and a separate Production Dynatrace Cluster. We are currently working in the PreProd environment setting up Dashboards, Notification, etc. We need to duplicate these assets on our Production Cluster. Is there a way to copy assets from one cluster to another. We realize there will be changes needed, although we planned for this by naming the application groups the same in both environments. On the old Appmon (V7) Web UI there was a way to export and import dahsboards, does that capability exist in Dynatrace (Ruxit)?



Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor


As of right now I do not believe that functionality exists in Dynatrace. It will need to be done manually.

This would be a good suggestion for product enhancement. Especially for companies with multiple Dynatrace clusters.



Hi Don,

The configuration migration via API between tenants seems to become possible in the future release.
But I am not sure whether the dashboard is included.

"This use-case will be supported once we introduce the config API. This api will allow you to copy settings from stating over to production by using the REST API. We plan to publish the first config endpoints in Q4 2018"

Thanks, Noah


this request makes total sense and is actually planned for the first half of next year, tentative. Best would be to stay up to date by following our post