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Create service metric split by instance

Hi guys,

Customers asks to show on a dashboard a graph of response time / request count of a service split by the instances the service is run on.

There is no problem to do that with MDA but when trying to create a metric on it, its says "instance is not allowed as placeholder".

Is there or will there be a way to create this kind of metrics or any other way to show it on chart?

Thanks in advance




Hey @Yos N. Can you please confirm what Cluster Version you are on? I tested it out in Cluster 1.203 and found no issue making the chart as desired.


I think @Yos N. is asking if we can create a custom metric based on Service:Instance for use on a custom dashboard (he indicated that it works fine in the MDA view).

We also have a similar requirement to migrate an Appmon dashboard that showed request counts per instance. We also tried creating a calculated service metric and are now looking into the API.

Hi @Michael D.

Yep this is the case here, create a metric in order to utilize it within a deshlet in dashboard.

Asked internally our dynatrace guardian, will update when I will get answer.


Hi @Yos N.,

I came across the same issue just moments ago! Did you get any answer?

Hi @Antonio S.

The answer I have got was that this is on the road map but there is no target version yet.

Will need to wait for that and use MDA and links from dashboards till then



Sadly it seems that is not yet possible to create a service metric and list all the instance of a process group as dimensions of a "Request Count". I try it a few versions back, and in 203 is the same.

The only way is to create a chart for each sadly. I would assume that when when you say chart, you mean Dashboard right (as in why you want to create a service metric)? If that is the case... afik is not yet possible sadly the only whay is an MDA...