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Creating custom metric using request attribute with 90% aggregation type


We are trying to get data of request attribute which is created for Loadrunner request tagging. So we need load runner tagged request attribute data as a metric to retrieve Avg and 90% response times.

We have created a metric with Avg as aggregation but not 90 percentile. is there a way to get that 90 percentile data other than Multi dimensional analysis? Also, is there any better way to copy chart table data to excel?


DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

You don't need to create custom metric. You can use Data explorer to create output for Response time 90th percentil filtered by your request attribute (and/or split by service) and use Table format to visualize preview. If you need then switch to Data tab, you can see metric definition that you can use to export data points via environment api v2 (in json format).

Alanata a.s.


Data explorer doesn't work and filter individual requests for any particular service. So I had to create custom metrics for particular service so I can filter and split by individual requests for that services. But the thing is, with custom metrics request attributes don't work. Data explorer shows option to filter by request attribute but when I try to filter it, it doesn't work. Also custom percentile doesn't work for Custom metrics. so is there any way to get graph filtered by request attribute and use it on dashboard?

Can't you just mark them as "key requests"? In that case it should be possible to filter on specific requests.

yes with key request we can filter on specific ones but we can't filter key request with request attributes..

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