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Custom Chart - Group by Day


Is there a way in the metric explorer or custom charts to change the bucket size?  For example, I am trying the chart the daily active users but there is no way to force the metric to be grouped daily.  


Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hello and welcome! 


From what I know, we can't change the bucket size, but I have an alternative. If you're looking for "Daily Users" we can use RUM and USQL to tackle that. What attempting is to do a custom query over the User Session Data to grab "#of sessions per day" for my Web App "myApp". 




SELECT DISTINCT DAY(usersession.startTime), COUNT(*) FROM usersession WHERE useraction.application='myApp' ORDER BY  DAY(usersession.startTime) ASC



You can then pin this to a dashboard or view it in the "User Session Query" Screen. 

Hope this fits your needs!





Thanks.  Unfortunately that doesn't work for us as many users may have multiple user sessions in a given day. 
Here is what I am using but works best for a single day. 

SELECT useraction.application, count(DISTINCT usersession.userId) as "Users" from useraction where usersession.userType IS "REAL_USER" AND usersession.userId IS NOT NULL AND useraction.application in ("myAPP") GROUP BY useraction.application

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