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Dashboard User Group Permission


There is a "new" Feature of giving User Groups Permissions to Dashboards. Now i have the following Problem:

If i chose "Grant access permission" and "Specific group", there is only one group for me to choose. But i have several (around 20 Groups) configured with LDAP Integration.


Is there a Problem with LDAP Groups with this Feature or is there any prerequisites for this? As example, we have DevOps Teams that have only Access to a Management Zone in Dynatrace Managed. And now it would be great to use the same Group for Dashboards.





Best regards,




@urs_fischer  We have a lot of questions about this is well. There seems to be very little documentation on this new feature. As a SaaS customer we even tried to create another grouping to see if we could associate a dashboard to that group of users - the only groups we had were for Monitoring ADmin and Monitoring Viewer which was out of the box groupings. Right now we are still adding users one by one or sharing the dashboard link. 

If I hear any more info on this I'll be sure to share it out! 



I have the same issue in Managed
This morning I opened the support chat and they point me to the documentation.


More on the subject I wanted to reveal a dashboard to all the user that are already profiled within Dynatrace, so I made this config:



to my surprise nobody was able to see it till I shared the link of the dashboard with them!
I sincerly tought it was a bug in Dynatrace but it is a feature stated in the doc as follow :


This is causing an issue in my case because, till now, I was sharing dashboard with everybody and there were no reason, not to show them the dashboard in advance (do I have to send the link to each one of the ops team that consult the template dashboard that I usually provide?)
I'm still trying to understand if there is a logic that can be applied to my case

Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hi guys,


At the moment there is a bug in that groups with access to management zones only dont show up there. This has been fixed and will be available with release 215 I believe. Additionally for now you only see suggestions for groups assigned to the tenant and which you are a member of yourself. We're working on extending this to show all groups on the tenant, including ones the user configuring the rules isnt a member of.


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Regarding showing a dashboard on lists for all users on the tenant. There was significant negative feedback on that previously as it quickly led to a spam of dashboards that not all users would be interested in.


In one of the next releases we're bringing this back in the form of user defined presets but only for admins. Additionally we're bringing in functionality to control visibility of these presets per user group or tenant wide.


For the time being, the "publish' option is still available over the newly released "early adopter" dashboard sharing API. You can also use that to configure rules for groups that you dont see in the UI. 

"There was significant negative feedback on that previously as it quickly led to a spam of dashboards that not all users would be interested in."

How much negative feedback was there because it appears to be generating a lot of negative feedback now that it's removed without any communication. 


We miss the option to Share with authenticated users but the  real change that's causing negative response is the requirement for a person to have to first click the link to get it to appear in their dashboard.  As the central administrator for Dynatrace offered as a service in my company I have to create many dashboards for application teams and departments which have 20+ resources in them.  I know my email with the link is going to not be read by many of them, yet because they saw a team member with the dashboard they are going to ask me why they don't have access to it, then I have to explain the entire find your email and click on the link process.


Not ideal, but I can work with the lack of 'share with authenticated users' option. But the email thing causes too much confusion.  


I'm sure the code to make that happen was complicated but instead why couldn't there be a checkbox (even better if there were a users profile settings) that says "show/hide public dashboards".  This way the users can opt to only see dashboards explicitly share with them by email or group and dashboards an individual marked as favorite.



Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hi thanks for the feedback.


The fact that they have to click the link for it to show up was actually the same thing in the old view. Except there of course you also had the option to "publish" environment wide.


The good news is we are done on dev side, meaning with 218 "admins" get the option to mark a dashboard as a non-editable "preset" which would show up in the list for all users and can be filtered out of the list just like the out of the box presets.

In addition to that, with 218 you also get a new global dashboard settings view to allow you to control the visibility of these presets per user group (or tenant wide) as well as things like enabling/disabling public sharing tenant wide

When we first installed DT I know we could select an option to share with all authenticated users and it would just appear for everyone on the dashboard list, this is how our Guardian and SE helped build dashboards for us. I guess maybe that's what you are referring to as "option to "publish" environment wide"; no one had to click a link first, just refresh their page. 


Great to hear dev side is done but it's also concerning because these changes are pretty major but haven't seen any articles on it, is a blog post going to be released?  The changes you mention sound very promising but until I can try them I'm not sure what my response will be; I am concerned that because dev side is done if the changes are not well received by my users it's going to be hard to change anything.


I'm going to be "that guy" for a moment and ask an API to UI question.   Any chance there will be a UI option to change dashboard owner?  I ask both so that once I create a dashboard for a team I can just hand it over to them without telling them to go through the clone process.  Also, for when people leave the organization I can change ownership of the their dashboards easily.   e.g. If I leave, I own 80% of the dashboards.  I personally know how to use the API but they do not.




Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

A blog post is planned yes. You can already change the owner in the UI via the JSON editor. Only if you yourself are an admin though.

Check the screenshot below for that



Thank you. Good point. I'll have to update our internal documentation for that.  Thank you again for your replies. Looking forward to 218.



Sorry, i don't know why this is "solved"... it is still the same Problem. When i want to share a Dashboard with a Group, i have to add manually all the users and can not choose from Active Directory Groups (or if this is not possible, Management Zones would also be good).