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Dashboard and Data Explorer Unstructured data can refer


Hello everyone,

I need help determining if there is an issue. Attached are pictures related to the problem.

Problem Description:
I have data on the board:




When I try to investigate the case by entering MDA, I find that there is no data available and only a picture is visible.





 Can you help me identify why different data appears on different windows?





Can someone please help me understand if I have an unnecessary filter in my system? Any advice would be greatly appreciated


I am trying to understand your problem better :). First, you are using an average score in the data explorer tile, can you switch that to a count to make sure they are performing the same operation? 

I don't know your environment ofc but it seems like you want to look at only one service?Make sure you also use the count aggregation here. In split by dimension you should fill in a place holder, for example a placeholder for service name and then merge by service so all requests are counted together per service. If you are interested in comparing the metrics for one specific service, you can fill in the info as I did below. You could even use the filter and filter for your specific service name.


Can you check what results this gives you? Are they the same now?


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