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Dashboard sometimes does not refresh



We've setup a few dashboards that are displayed in a video wall on our control room. We have noticed that sometimes some dashboards and/or tiles on the dashboards seem to stop refreshing. Using Chrome on the video wall to show the dashboards.

Any hints on how we can resolve this?

Thank you.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

We have had that happen here and there. If I'm not mistaken, you can set an auto refresher in Chrome. We also used a custom plugin that flicks through the 3 opened tabs to prevent image burn


Hi @Chad T.

Thank you, we're evaluating your suggestion.

Though I consider this more of a band-aid then a fix. Our expectation is that since we're using a supported browser, the dashboard functionality should not require additional software to work as intended.

I wonder if this has been already reported to Dynatrace, would like to have an official reply.

shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+F9 is a product feature. Are you using DT SAAS or Managed? There are some version of DT on which the auto-refresh is set on disable by default

That's understandable and in your use case a band aid is not a viable solution. I would recommend opening up a support ticket as others have this issue was well.


Try to use the shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+F9. It forces the dashboard to refresh.

Hi Davide D.

We're using Managed. Have confirmed that all dashboards are set to auto refresh, nonetheless sometimes some tiles on some dashboards stop either refreshing or showing data.

And this is a problem since the dashboards are displayed in a video wall on our control room.

Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Are the tiles that are not refreshing set up with a custom timeframe? The refresh rate can depend on the timeframe duration, the longer the duration the bigger the intervals


Hi all

I have exactly the same issue (I'm using Managed in version 1.216) : sometimes, some dahsboards do not refresh automatically in a video wall. I don't want to force a refresh by using a Chrome extension or something added to Dynatrace or even manually. It should be included natively in Dynatrace.

Did any of you find a solution to fix this issue permanently ?



Nor do you need to. Dashboards will refresh periodically. If they dont then something is wrong. Did you however see my reply above? The rate tiles refresh with depends on the timeframe selected. Could that be the issue here?



No, this is not a timeframe issue. The timeframe is fixed and usually the dashboard refreshes correctly, except sometimes where it is stucked at a given time (not always the same)  

For example : I have a dashboard set on Today timeframe, and when I come back in the office on Monday, the dashboard is still on Saturday morning.

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